Season updates

Wow, the season is well under way and even though we don’t have a lot of snow there are a ton of riders out. It’s great to see the snowmobile community in Manitoba alive and well despite the less-than-ideal conditions.

The Brokenhead Trailblazers Groomer team is still out trying their best to make that trail nice and smooth.


The wolf blood supermoon (did I get that order right?) lit up the night and produced some really cool shots on our cameras. At Longbottom we didn’t even need the IR to get a clear shot of the area.

Over at Mars Hill South  we got some great shots of the landscape lit by the moon.

..and just like that it was dark:

Our two cameras have been doing great so far this season. However due to some extended cloud cover and the extremely short days of late december we did have a few days that the Longbottom camera was offline. The Longbottom site also has a smaller 160 watt panel as well as significant tree cover. This limits solar charging during the day. A few hours on the generator though, and Longbottom was back online.

Our current solar design includes a massive 275 solar panel coupled with an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller, which will ensure we get as much energy out of every second of daylight that we can. Coupled with a pair of 6v deep cycle batteries this will provide ample power to keep a Snocams camera and your shack lights on throughout the winter.


We’re also working on a few new designs for our camera setup that allow for lower power usage, better resolution, and cool features such as presence detection (estimating the number of people that visit the site the camera is installed at) and lighting control.


If you have an organization willing to share costs our sponsor-friendly platform is great for getting a brand name out to the public without any of the risks associated with placing ads in your shelters (vandalism, theft, etc). We will include their logo on the the camera image as well as links to their website and some brief info about the business which can be updated at any time.


While we may be “Snow Themed” our cameras can still be run 365 days a year, providing the same services to the off-road and ATV community. Our standard fees cover operation of the camera year-round.


We’re hoping to get some new cameras online this season, so please feel free to get in touch with us!

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Ride safe and have a great time out there!