Camera Sponsors

We’re currently looking for sponsors and new camera locations. is a new and exciting way to advertise to the snowmobile community.

For a fairly minimal investment we will setup and install a high definition camera located wherever you or your club chooses.  That camera will then go live on with your company name, logo, location information, hours of operation and any other info you wish to share.

This page will be online 24/7 throughout the snowmobile season, drawing eyes to your business and everything it can offer.

Here are the key benefits of advertising with

  • Modern online presence – reach people instantly.
  • No more vandalized signs.
  • Immune to ad blockers – everyone will see your logo.
  • Your logo appears 24/7, and will not be mixed with other ads.
  • Simple, one time yearly fee. No pay-per-click.
  • Help snowmobile riders by providing a real time view of weather and trail conditions.
  • Promotes a community focused brand image for your business.


Here’s what your sponsored camera page will look like. This page can be embedded in any website and will always be available on

  1. Your company logo (logos with transparency are preferred)
  2. Link to your website, blog, social media page, etc. Multiple links allowed.
  3. Your hours of operation or any other info you wish to share.
  4. Camera name and snowmobile club link.
  5. Report issue link and link


Contact us today to see how we can help keep your business front and center while providing a valuable service to the snowmobile community.

Check back for more info soon!