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Who we are

We are, we operate and maintain a network of live trail cameras on or near publicly accessible snowmobile and off-road trails.

Collection and Online Distribution of Images cameras are designed to operate 24 hours a day year round depending on sponsor or site owner agreements. While in operation our system will periodically collect images and store them for an indefinite period. Any location with a camera system will have a sign posted to notify the public that our system is in operation. If you notice any location where signage may be missing, please use the report issue link on that camera’s web page. Our cameras will only be installed in areas where the public is allowed unrestricted access and we will make every effort to avoid capturing images of private property.

Any images collected by our camera network may be posted online via the website, our social media pages or our affiliated clubs and other organizations.

We do not operate facial recognition or image recognition software. However it is important to be aware that images may contain faces, license plates or other identifying features which will be automatically published via our website. We will make an effort to remove any obscene or inappropriate images captured by our system. If you have concerns over images that may have been collected by our system, please use the report issue link on the camera page that may have captured the image.

Law Enforcement

Periodically may receive requests from law enforcement for images. In an effort to reduce vandalism and improve safety for all snowmobilers we will comply with these requests and provide un-altered images.

We also operate with the goal of reducing vandalism to snowmobiling infrastructure, we will immediately assist with any investigation regarding vandalism occurring at or near a camera location.

Contact forms

Any contact forms on this website may collect all information submitted in the form as well as your public IP address and browser information.


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Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to use our contact form.